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Golf in Tenerife - truly AMAISING

…a truly amaizing Golf Holiday haven thanks to its diversity, weather & authenticity. Discover its secret, golf courses & resorts.

  • Tenerife offers you a choice of 8 very diverse, high quality golf courses and the most authentic carnival.
  • Tenerife’s annual average temperature is 22 degrees. That is why, December and August are closer here than anywhere else.
  • TENERIFE’s golf courses have been designed by golfing greats: Donald Steel, Severiano Ballesteros and Dave Thomas infused each hole with the best of their experience and managed to make the most out of every valley and hillside.
  • What is more, Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and the only one to have two international airports (North and South).  It is approximately two hours flying time from the Spanish mainland and the rest of Europe.


The magic of the Tenerife Carnival

Happiness and colour flow through the streets, making you feel like the star of a great improvised show. There is nothing to stop you from enjoying the moment you’ve been looking forward to all year: Tenerife’s Carnival! The Island’s most emblematic festival has been putting smiles on people’s faces for centuries, in a whirlwind of rhythm, glitter and madness.

There is no better place to live the magic of the Carnival than the street. The decoration, the music, the hoards of people dressed in their costumes with nothing else in mind but to have a good time… The parades and events in the open air are where you feel the true spirit of Carnival, whether you are young and inexperienced or something of a veteran. The Opening Parade, the Coso processions, the Sardine Burial and the celebrations that take place every night bring families and friends together to share the sheer joy of Carnival.

Tenerife Carneval

But the party is not just a nocturnal experience. For some years now, Saturday at midday is the time for the Daytime Carnival, when the streets in the centre are full of people of all ages with their whole family heading out in search for a good time for everyone.

The live music performances that take place on the various stages (at Plaza del Príncipe, Plaza de la Candelaria and Calle Castillo), the comparsas and other groups who liven up the streets with the beat of their drums, and the colourful costumes and smiling faces of the carnival-goers all converge to make this an enormous fancy-dress party that tens of thousands of people flock to every year.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The historic centre of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, near the port, has the widest variety of shops on the island. Here you can find designer goods, craft shops, perfume stores, electronic goods, tobacco, wine and spirit stores, open-air cafés and restaurants and much more. You can enjoy a pleasant stroll along its many pedestrian zones while doing a little shopping.

There are also many historic buildings, peaceful squares and parks shaded by Palm and Dragon trees and Laurels brought from South America. On Saturday afternoons and Sundays most of the shops are closed.


Tenerife Teide VulcanMount Teide, the Teno and Anaga mountain ranges, the Island’s rocky beaches and black sands, and its ocean floors… Tenerife’s unique landscape is defined by the volcanic activity that has shaped its land for millions of years. Its many peculiarities and as-yet unresolved mysteries as to its origin and geological evolution explain the huge scientific interest that Tenerife stirs up.

Teide National Park

This is, without doubt, the icon of Tenerife. The other-worldly landscapes here will leave you speechless. The pure, clean air of Spain’s highest peak will refresh your lungs as you wander amidst solid volcanic magma feeling almost insignificant in this impressive UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Tenerife Carneval

After a long night of fun and dancing, we hope you have saved enough strength to see the other side of the Carnival: the daytime festivities. Groups of friends and relatives stream by you in their finest costumes searching for a stage, a drum session or another group of carnival-goers. Under the bright light of day, people of all ages and origins share the streets looking to have a good time and make the most of every last second of the Carnival.

On the Friday and Saturday after the symbolic Sardine Burial event comes the piñata weekend, granting carnival-goers the last chance to have some fun and a good dose of laughter.

On these two evenings, people relive the excitement of preparing their costumes and make-up, meeting up with friends and dancing late into the night, just as they did at the beginning of Carnival week.

Cultural Activities

Culture is a key part of a place’s identity. In Tenerife, every day and every corner of the Island brings you new opportunities to learn all about its people and make each day extra special, fruitful and memorable. Its bustling and lively traditions, festivals and pilgrimages are a link to the Island’s ancestral past and are sure to make you feel welcome.

Night Life in Tenerife

Costa Adeje & Avenida de Las Américas

In Costa Adeje, the main tourist resort in the district of Adeje, you will find many modern shopping centres.  Nearly all the large hotels also have their own shopping areas. In Costa Adeje and Avenida de Las Américas, as in the other tourist resorts, the shops sell mainly electronic goods, perfume, jewellery and clothes. The shops here are open every day of the year and offer quality products and famous brand names at very competitive prices.

SPORT & Leisure Activities - Tenerife NO Limits

Sports – Tenerife No Limits:

Tenerife Surfing

Discover spectacular footpaths, pedal at altitudes of over 2,000 metres, and immerse yourself in landscapes full of contrasts. Hiking: Explore over 1,500 km of certified footpaths. Cycling: If you dream about a place where you can go from sea level to an altitude of 2,000 metres in barely 30 km, then you must be thinking of Tenerife. Mountain bike: Feel the fresh breeze on your face as you descend through pine forests and experience incredible landscapes. Surf the best waves, dive through crystal clear waters, and sail wherever the wind may take you.

Tenerife Diving


Diving: Immerse yourself in unique underwater landscapes and marvel at over 60 immersion points around the island. Windsurfing and Kitesurfing: El Médano has over 300 days of wind a year, and is the venue for important national and international tournaments. Surfing, Body Boarding and Stand-up Paddling: Discover over 32 areas for surfing. With a sea bed of sand, rock or volcanic reef, you can choose between a multitude of different types of wave, all just a few kilometres apart.

Discover Tenerife from the sky. Feel like a bird as you drift in a paraglider over the island’s rocky cliffs.

Tenerife Sailing


Sailing and dinghy sailing: When? All year round, but the winter is the most attractive season if you live in Europe. In September, the socalled September Calm arrives and it is not a very windy month. Where? All over the island, although best winds blow off the easterly and south-easterly coasts. To do this sport, you will need a club or school to provide you with the necessary and equipment, such as: Boats, marinas, slipways… If you already have all the means, we recommend that you check the available departure points.

Tenerife Kayaking


Kayaking: You will paddle to places that you have never seen before. You will discover volcanic caves and you’ll see how the crystal-clear water reflects on the ceiling of Malpaís. You will hear the echo of your voice and that of your friends or your family… Do you feel like a swim? Dive in! Bring your camera because you’ll see impressive scenery. And, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to enjoy the dolphins accompanying you on your voyage.

Other Spots available: Free Diving, Top-class fishing, Caving, Climbing, Canyoning, Tennis and Paddle tennis, Swimming

Other Activities:  Whale and dolphin watching

Tenerife Whales & Dolphins


The warmth of the sun, the sea breeze and the sway of the waves make you feel totally relaxed. Suddenly, the boat stops, everybody pulls out their cameras and peers over the side of the boat with anticipation. You follow suit and soon realise that there are small distant specks breaching the surface, which take the shape of imposing sea creatures as they draw closer. The whales and dolphins swim freely and peacefully in the water with no specific direction, allowing you to share with them an unrivalled sensation: feeling free in the ocean.

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